The TAMID Group Fellowship is a nearly fully funded international experience where members from all 46 chapters have the opportunity to participate in a competitive 8-week summer internship program. This opportunity provides TAMID Group leaders with the chance to work with companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv. The program is designed for participants to gain valuable skills through a rigorous summer internship as well as expand their knowledge of the Israeli economy. 

Check out the TAMID Fellowship video for 2017 below!


Hear about it from our members...

“From personally running my company's various marketing platforms and tracking growth, to guest speaker events with top Israeli entrepreneurs on roof tops with a sunset back-drop, I developed a greater understanding for the Startup Nation's contagiously ambitious and innovative work ethic.” - Natalie Benn


"I learned so much about the start up scene in Israel first hand through working in the data analytics team of my start up and visiting some of the largest and most successful start ups that have come out of Israel. I have grown my network by creating bonds with people in TAMID chapters all over the country." - Arianna Shapiro