What's Happening in our Chapter?

Fall 2017 Recruitment Cycle

We are excited to be welcoming 10 new faces to our chapter of TAMID Group! We had a successful recruitment cycle with some great events. We will be updating our Team page soon with our new members! Stay tuned!

Our Final Meeting of the Year - Spring 2017

We've had the pleasure of introducing eight new members to our chapter this term and our expectations were exceeded! Everyone worked very hard on their TAMID projects this term and we had one final meeting showcasing that hard work. We hosted our Internal Start-Up Competition, Stock-Pitch Competition, Consulting Wrap-Up, and Senior Send-Off! Below are some highlights of the presentations:

Spring Street Faire Tabling - May 10th, 2017

We had an awesome time tabling at the Street Faire in sunny Eugene weather! We got the chance to chat with some prospective members and (finally) try out our standing banner! Looking good TAMIDniks!

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What is our Consulting Team doing?

Our Consulting Team will be starting to work with Yokee! This is an online karaoke/social media application company based in Israel. We will be conducting market analysis and research for Yokee starting in Fall 2017. Stay tuned for updates and developments.

What is our Investing Team doing?

Our Investing Team has been working in teams with new members to develop stock pitches and will be presenting them to the membership in a mini-pitch competition! Also, our Directer of the Fund, Jordan Brooks, has made an entrepreneurial decision and will be trying out a portfolio simulation app called Wall Street Magnate with the Investing Team!

If you'd like to learn more about our chapter's Consulting and Investing Teams, our events, or our developments, click here to contact us.