What We Do

The TAMID Group program is primarily designed for undergraduate students. Graduate students are unfortunately not eligible for the TAMID Group Fellowship Program and their involvement with TAMID Group on a national level is continually evolving. However, graduate students are eligible for membership and are welcome to apply.

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Our Consulting Team hard at work, February 19th, 2017

Our Consulting Team hard at work, February 19th, 2017


TAMID Consulting is a student-run pro-bono consulting practice where students work directly with Israeli companies on various projects and form professional international business relationships. The consulting team gets paired with an Israeli company on projects including: market and industry research, business development strategy and partnership strategy. Our recent consulting projects include creating a business plan and pricing strategy for Zisson Communications as well as market research and industry analysis for CureFacts.



The TAMID investment fund enables members to conduct due-diligence on Israeli stocks and manage a live portfolio. Each chapter competes in an organization-wide trading competition, where TAMID’s nationals invest in the winning chapter stock as part of the national TAMID investment portfolio. Our TAMID at Oregon Investing Team also participates in internal stock pitch competitions every term and simulates real-world investing through the use of the Wall Street Magnate online app. The Investing Team uses this app to compete against TAMID chapters at other universities.

New Member Orientation - Spring 2017

New Member Orientation - Spring 2017


TAMID's education program is designed to be the first formal exposure to business concepts with the Israeli economy for new members. Each new member is required to go through the education curriculum which lasts one quarter. Topics of the education program include:

  • Introduction to Venture Capital Investing

  • Introduction to Stocks and Public Finance

  • Teach Commercialization and Building Economies of Scale

  • Marketing and Communication for Israelis

  • Introduction to Ideation and Startup Simulation



TAMID at Oregon is a professional group that has a very close community. We not only foster real life experience, we foster community and encourage friendships that carry on past college. We host multiple TAMIXERS every term where members can hang out, get to know each other, and create memories. Some of our most popular TAMIXERS include:

  • Bowling

  • Group Hikes

  • Potlucks

  • Roller Skating